Writing Words of Encouragement

The magic of words.

Everyone needs and craves encouragement.

Words of Encouragement

Encouragement is all I have to offer when it comes to writing. I’m not a teacher of writing nor am I an English teacher able to tell you what is wrong grammatically with a piece of writing, but I can say a word or two of encouragement. This is in part why I have this website. Come in and read and leave your thoughts. There is more on the About Me page.

I can tell you not to give up, to keep writing every day if possible. It’s simple to write really. All that’s required is sitting down with pen and paper or at the keyboard and the words begin. Maybe the first few words are gibberish, maybe the first couple a hundred words are gibberish.

But somewhere along the line of words, the chain of linking them together the magic starts to happen. The words begin to make sense. A picture is conjured up. Thoughts come from the heart and the magic plays out. The words are beautiful, the thought is profound and the writer stares at what the words say and can only gaze in awe at the story written.

When this happens to me it’s quite a surprise. I can’t believe I came up with that line of words. I smile to myself and am happy. This is when I most know I’m a writer and will always write. Even if it’s the gibberish.

Sharing Words

The beauty of the words are all there to share. That’s the other part of writing. I have journals I write in and I have no intentions of sharing any of those with anyone. They are for me to write out my thoughts, hurts, ideas, things that bother me, things that I love, and silly words too. This is words I don’t feel comfortable in sharing, but they came out of my brain so there they are. And this is okay. Maybe some of it will be written in another form. Perhaps in a story or poem.

Re-Writing and the Lingering Magic

Of course, there is editing to do. Sadly it seems the first burst of writing does need to be re-written. But there is still the lingering magic and that’s all that is important for now. I may say here that you don’t have to edit the journal writing only the writing that you want to publish. Those writings will have to be re-written possibly more than once.

Editing can be fun too. In fact, for me, I like the editing stage. The hard work of getting the idea out in a story is done. Now I can go back and see what I need to do to make it better. To make it sing and hit all the high notes.

This is my goal for my website on writing. Read more about me on the About page.

Thank you for stopping by and please do keep writing and sharing your words. I’ve been told the world needs our words so I will echo the sentiment as well.

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