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Day 27 of 30 Days Challenge

One of My Favorite Writing Practices

I’ve mentioned Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg and her encouragement and writing practices she
offers. One from this book comes to mind. She suggests writing down ten nouns on one side of a piece of paper then write fifteen verbs that go with an occupation.

After the lists are written, put them together in a sentence. It’s quite fun to see what you can come up with.

Below is my list and words and sentences I made several years ago.

My list of 10 nouns:

lilacs, horse, guitar, dog, mustache, dinosaur, clock, book, song, chair

My list of 15 verbs that describe a gardener or gardening:

dirt, hoe, till, dig, plow, plant, water, sprinkle, harvest, weed, pick, snip, pinch, rake, grow

Now the next part is the fun part. Choose one of the nouns and put it together with one of the verbs and write a sentence.


The wind sprinkled lilac petals in the sky.

Clocks snipped away at time.

A guitar weeds out the notes from the heart.

Dinosaurs till the earth with their tail.

The horse pinched at the grass lightly.

The above are the sentences I wrote years ago when I first tried this practice. I see that I didn’t use all the words so will finish here.

The little gray puppy plowed through the pile of clothes to get to the door.

He raked through his mustache, but it still looked like dirt on his upper lip.

Harvesting and hoeing through the books she finally found the gem she was looking for.

A song burst from her lips, planting and growing all that was in her heart.

The legs of the chair dug into the earth floor where he had planted it.

Picking at the strings of the mandolin brought a pretty melody.

Lilacs gulped at the water, thirsty for long awaited rain.

My Favorite Sentences

I like the one, “Clocks snipped away at time.” And “A guitar weeds out the notes from the heart.” I like the one about the puppy too.

This practice is really one of my favorites. It’s amazing how the combination of words make such a picture to bring the reader into the story world. Using the verbs makes for more colorful writing, more vivid. This is what I strive for.

Give this practice a try and let me know in the comments what you think. Thank you for stopping by.

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