Why Writing Matters

In a recent self-improvement course I’m taking which revolves around writing, the question is asked why do you write? I pondered the question.

My Questions

I ask it when I send out stories and they all come crawling back sheepishly with a rejection slip.

I ask it wondering why my writing isn’t selling?

I keep asking it when it seems no one is listening to me.

In this blog I wrote a post about the 40 reasons why I write, you can read the entire article here.

I mentioned one of my reasons was because writing matters. It’s number 34 on the list.

Writing matters to me because I learn from writing, my own as well as others. I think about all the writers before me, the ones who are successful writers now and who I derive help from as well as those writers who are now gone.

Writers Today

The writers I admire in this day are Jerry Jenkins, James Scott Bell, Jeff Goins, K.M. Weiland, Jennifer Blanchard, and Bryan Hutchins, to name a few. These writers are encouraging and are here to share their works with the world and to help others achieve likewise.

All these writers have their own websites, maybe more then one. They are teaching and encouraging other writers as well as writing their own stories and such. They believe, as I’ve become to believe that there is not too many books or words out there. There is room for more.

A World Without Writing?

What would the world be like without Mark Twain’s writings? Shakespeare? Louisa May Alcott? There are so many others. Entertainment would be sorely in trouble. All the reading that takes people safely through an adventure as they read a novel while waiting at the doctor’s office or sitting outside under a tree on a summer afternoon. (This would be my favorite spot).

Even people who don’t care to read that much would be in straits because the plays would have never been written, the movies never filmed. It’s tragic to think the old west movies may not have made it to the screen, or Superman, Gone With the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, (oh my).

Writing matters because of the need to express ourselves. Sometimes my thoughts and feelings get all jumbled up if I try to say them out loud, but if I quietly write them down they say what I meant.

When I mentioned Twain, Alcott, and Shakespeare above I wonder if my writing will still be out there long after I’m gone? It’s almost overwhelming to think, yes my words could entertain or help and I’m not even around anymore, another reason written words matter.

There’s even a book out there called Because Writing Matters by The National Writing Project and Carl Nagin. It talks about the effectiveness of teaching writing in schools and the importance of writing.

Yes, Writing Matters!

Without a doubt writing matters. My writing is important and so is anyone else’s writing. We are a people who need to communicate, get our feelings out, express our thoughts, have a chance to say yes, I’m here and so are you. We are important, we matter, let’s please listen to each other.

Artist have their say with their paintings and sculpturing. Writers have their books and short stories, poems and essays and such. The wonderful thing about all this is we can all participate, be a part of the creative world. We just need to believe and do and be.

Thank you for stopping by. Please leave a comment on your thoughts about the creative world.

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