Whew! I Did It

Day 30 of 30 Days Challenge

Well, I made it. I committed to writing a post every day for thirty days and publishing them. Today marks the thirtieth day. In a way I’m glad it’s done. That little stress is off the board. Now onto other things.

During this adventure there were times it was hard. It scared me I might not be able to come up with enough
topics and be able to talk about it for at least 500 words. I have to admit there are a few posts here that didn’t make the 500 count. I did my best.

Some posts are better than others I’m sure. Or I don’t know maybe none of them are any good, but I stuck with the plan and the more we write the better we get. I’ve read that somewhere. What ever it may be I hope some are fun to read and maybe even a help and encouragement. After all, if I can do this anyone can.

Tough Times

These last few days have been the toughest because I haven’t been feeling good physically. One of those days I watched my two youngest grandsons for the better part of the day and then had to attend a Christmas party that evening. But I knew this was coming up so I wrote my post the day before and had it ready to go.

So of course that means I wrote two posts in one day. It makes me realize if there is a deadline you can carve out the time to write down a few words, make them make sense and go on with your projects.

I’m glad I took part in this challenge from Jeff Goins. Do I want to do it again? Maybe not right away, but later down the line it would be fun to write and be challenged again. It’s good practice. It opens the mind. It stretches unused muscles and shows what a person can do.

Any type of writing is a challenge. A writer deals with it every day they decide to sit and put words down in some coherent form.

Like I said above, I’m glad this challenge is done. I found myself only doing blog posts for this challenge and made this an excuse to not do other writing, like my fiction stories. I also have another site that didn’t get much attention during this time.

So I’m ready to get back in the fiction writing mode and boost my short stories, send them out to online magazines or entering contests.

A Schedule

The one thing this challenge has done is given me a schedule to stick to. I’m kind of haphazard at times, but it’s easier to have a day and time and I know it’s time to write. Cool.

So now I have a schedule that works for me.

Thank you for stopping by. Let me know what you think about writing challenges in the comments.

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