Serious Writers Never Quit: They Find the Way: Review

Serious Writers Never Quit: They Find the Way

by Bryan Hutchinson

From the beginning, Bryan talks to the reader and assures them they care about their writing and are serious just because they are reading this book.

Right away I felt the uplifting hope I’m a writer and am serious as well. Through my years of writing, I have faltered and stumbled, gave up at one point… well all creatives know that scenario.

But Bryan states that “the Way” is there inside us already. There’s the hope again. And a promise to show us “the Way”. And he does. Throughout the whole book, there is the encouragement and hope, the little nudging and pushes to get the reader, me, to go forward and write no matter what. Get the words down, the thoughts out; save the editing for another time.

Chapter Eight is my favorite, The Way is To Design Your Own Plan. All my life I’ve been “the product of someone else’s version” and I’ve come to resent that. But Bryan has a plan and he shares how to make our own plan. I’m encouraged to keep writing.

I’ll be reading this book over and over for sure.

For the small amount of $2.99 at Amazon, I say go purchase it now and most importantly, read, take it to heart and keep the writing going.

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