My Writing Manifesto


Getting the writing done.

I’m one who writes because it’s not in me to quit. I did quit at one time, for a while. I became filled with doubt coming from an outside source, making me feel I couldn’t write, wasn’t a writer, and all those other things we tell ourselves. Or let other people tell us and we believe them.

Is There a Problem?

The problem, my problem is thinking I’m not good enough. Is that universal? Does everyone feel that way, think that way? I think it crosses everyone’s mind at one time or another. For me, I think who wants to read my drivel?

To overcome this malady I think a person has to remember there is only one of everybody and we all have creativity in us. It’s waiting to come out in whatever form we choose.

For me it’s the writing, it’s the stories that are deep inside me waiting for their time of birth.

What’s the Solution?

What to Write

I, at times, don’t know what I’m going to write, have no idea what to say. I have to sit down and start putting words in sequences that make sense to find out what I’m thinking, what I have to say, and what is in me.

Needless to say, I am surprised when I read back what I’ve written. We all like surprises when they are good. Some of my words actually make sense and a turn of a phrase makes me look at the sky in awe thinking did I write those words? Where did they come from? I have a moment of happiness.

Someone else may not think the same about my wonderful order of words, but it doesn’t really matter. What matters is I wrote them down. I felt them and cared enough to bring the thought to life. If they touch someone else, so much the better. But if they are only for my eyes that is okay too.

The Fun Part

I used to worry about using up all my thoughts and ideas, but have put that fear to rest. Keep writing and more will be written. Deeper thoughts will materialize. It’s a bit of magic. One thought leads to another and so on. I do love to write. It amazes me to vision an idea and to see a story come to life that wasn’t there a moment ago. It’s exciting. It’s fun.

Talking about writing, reading and studying are all important moments to devote to the craft. Ultimately one has to sit down and put the words together.

After studying and reading are done to take the next step, which is to string the words one after the other until there is a complete chain of a story or article.

What’s Next?

Don’t Give Up

By all means, don’t quit studying and practicing writing. That part of it is an ongoing thing. There’s always more to learn, more to try out.

Never stop learning, never give up. Always strive for the best writing you can pull out of your mind. If you do that you will always have a reader.