Girl Warrior by Carmen Peone Book Review


High school senior, Charnaye Toulou’s biggest dream is to run in the World Famous Suicide Race at the Omak Stampede. But it’s not just for the glory of winning and being female in a mostly male sport. This win will provide much-needed money for her family. Where this is true, she also believes it’s her Indian heritage as well. Her desire is shrouded in lies as she tries to keep her race dream to herself while trying to find the right horse to ride.

Charnaye is hounded by bigotry from at least one school mate and bully. She finds solace in her horse Stimteema as they ride the dry hills of her Indian land. Stimteema is not the right horse for this race. While he’s fine for the races run at the Okanogan Fair, he does not have what it takes to plunge down the most dangerous hill. Her worst enemy, the bully, may have the right horse. But how can Char get him to let her have the horse to ride?

No one, including her family, wants her to enter this race. If they knew that is. There’s a reason it’s called Suicide Race. It is run the same as in 1935. It starts fifty feet from the bluff and plunges 225 feet down to the Okanogan River. The riders then swim their mounts across the river and 500 feet more into the center of the Omak Stampede rodeo arena.

This is an exciting story of a young Indian girl facing the challenges of her life. Challenges of hate, family needs, and lies. How does Char overcome?

I enjoyed this story very much. I have watched the Omak Stampede and Suicide Race from the stands. Where sitting in a seat isn’t as exciting as participating in the events, it’s still pretty thrilling. This book brings it back.

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