Different Places to Write

Day 28 of 30 Days Challenge

Choose a Place to Write

Most writers have a designated place to write, an office, a corner of the kitchen table, where ever they can find a spot.

I’m the same. I don’t have an office, but I have a spot. It’s my living room chair with my computer on my lap. I have a desk, but it just seems more comfortable to sit in my chair.

When I lived in another area, my writing spot was on the couch with computer. I had a house with my own yard. It was a favorite time of mine to sit outside and write. To feel the sunshine on my face and shoulders, it seemed to bring ideas and words to my mind I had no idea were there until I sat where I could smell the wild yellow roses and write.

I have always liked to go on picnics, thinking the food tasted better outdoors too. So the same with words, they seemed to have more vibrancy and meaning to what I was trying to say when I let a little nature into my day.


The outdoors as been a big part of my life since days of hiking the mountain trails with my parents and brother.

I spent a year in Tucson, Arizona with my youngest daughter and her family. We took a lot of time to go on hikes and get out into the Arizona desert. I loved it. My grand kids and I enjoyed finding rocks and looking at the cactus, totally

It was fun to hike the hills. I had never lived in a different state before. Always lived in Washington. So living in Arizona was like being on a different planet. The stars seemed closer at night, the air was warm for the most part and dry.

One time we camped for a couple nights and it was cold. I hadn’t thought of Arizona as being cold, but it does have its moments. It began raining, making it colder. We said words about heading for home, but ultimately decided to stay. I’m glad we did. The next day we dried out, my daughter cooked a yummy breakfast over the open fire and we did some more hiking.

The outdoors won again. Even rain and cold can’t take away the joy of being outside completely. Thought I do admit I like it better when it’s warm. The words come easier too. Seem when you’re cold all I can think about is getting warm.

I still like to sit outside and write. Where I live now, I have a small yard by a road. At times the traffic is noisy. When the day is sunny, the tree shades my area and makes it pleasant to sit out and write.

With winter coming on my days outside have been terminated till warmer weather. I’m not a winter person. Winters in Washington state are cold and snowy. I, for the most part want to be inside and stay out of the snow.

Where ever I am, I try to get my writing done. To me this is most important. So whether it’s outside or in my chair in the living room, if the writing is getting done, I’m happy. I feel productive.

Do you have a favorite place to write? Please share your thoughts in the comments. Thank you for stopping by.

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