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Whew! I Did It

Day 30 of 30 Days Challenge

Well, I made it. I committed to writing a post every day for thirty days and publishing them. Today marks the thirtieth day. In a way I’m glad it’s done. That little stress is off the board. Now onto other things.

During this adventure there were times it was hard. It scared me I might not be able to come up with enough
topics and be able to talk about it for at least 500 words. I have to admit there are a few posts here that didn’t make the 500 count. I did my best.
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Different Places to Write

Day 28 of 30 Days Challenge

Choose a Place to Write

Most writers have a designated place to write, an office, a corner of the kitchen table, where ever they can find a spot.

I’m the same. I don’t have an office, but I have a spot. It’s my living room chair with my computer on my lap. I have a desk, but it just seems more comfortable to sit in my chair.
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Playing the Guitar

Day 26 if 30 Days Challenge

My mom played a guitar and all my favorite country western singers played guitars. I wanted to play one too.

Mama had an old black and brown steel string guitar. She played old cowboy songs and sang along like Patsy
Montana. I’d sing too. Our favorite was I Want to Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart.

I don’t know what compelled my mom to learn to play, but for me she inspired me to pick up the six string and strum away.
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