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A Ballad for Sallie by Judy Alter Book Review

The story opens with Lizzie Jones along with Ben Boy and July- all of the Hell’s Half Acre brats, as they are called watch the stage coming into Fort Worth around 1885. Lizzie notices Sallie McNutt right away. She’s refined and pretty. She’s on the same stage as Lizzie’s hero, Longhair Jim Courtright, but they are not together.

Miss Sallie is in Fort Worth to take over her uncle’s store and find out who murdered him.

It’s a fun story to read how Lizzie continues to take care of the little girl July along with Ben Boy and later Dicky-Bird, all orphans and who she knows need her help and care because there is no one else. But she finds she has to learn manners and etiquette because that’s what Miss Sallie wants. Lizzie mainly wants to be like Sallie, but her roots draw her back to the acre.

Lizzie and her little menagerie of kids are trying to find the murderer which leads to adventures and dangers Sallie doesn’t want the children to be involved, but Lizzie knows her way around.

Judy Alter has written a tale of a young girl and her struggle with coming from the wrong side of town, learning manners, and cleaning up that is so different from what she has known all her life.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this fast-paced story and recommend A Ballad for Sallie if you like a piece of the old west with a mystery and adventure along the way.

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Whew! I Did It

Day 30 of 30 Days Challenge

Well, I made it. I committed to writing a post every day for thirty days and publishing them. Today marks the thirtieth day. In a way I’m glad it’s done. That little stress is off the board. Now onto other things.

During this adventure there were times it was hard. It scared me I might not be able to come up with enough
topics and be able to talk about it for at least 500 words. I have to admit there are a few posts here that didn’t make the 500 count. I did my best.
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The Magic in Writing

Day 29 of 30 Days Challenge

Magic Words

The first book I remember reading that was about writing is Becoming a Writer by Dorothea Brande. She talked about the magic in writing.

And encouraging anyone with the desire that they could be a writer too.

I believe my brother got it for me. He was good about purchasing something that was what I was interested in. One time he had given me a book on horses. I still love horses and riding.

The next wonderful writing book I read was by Brenda Ueland. I’ve read this one several times and can’t stress how her words of encouragement are powerful and real and make one feel like they can be a writer.

In reading the writing books it was the first time I’d seen the words magic and writing together. It is years later and I still feel the magic. I understand what they are talking about.
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Prompts Again

Day 22 of 30 Days Challenge

Fun, Wonderful Writing Prompts

One of my favorite books to go back to when I need a thought prompt is one by Natalie Goldberg. Actually she
has written two; Wild Mind and Writing Down the Bones. Both are filled with encouragement and those wonderful writing prompts.

Those little gems of thoughts that can trigger another thought and another and the words flow out like bubbles like when a child blows bubbles with a plastic ring after dipping it in the soap solution.

Magical Powers

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