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The Silver Rose

Lila searched for Bruce. He wasn’t in the classroom. She didn’t see him near the buses. She took a quick glance in the lunchroom and gym. No Bruce.

Coming back from the football field the only other place she could think to look was the library. But why ever would athletic, never-reads-a-book Bruce be in the library?

But there he sat, hunkered in a chair in the corner, almost as if he were hiding. He even held a book in front of his face. He really was hiding.
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Tangled Lines

Abby watched her husband Mike drive off on his way fishing again. The sun’s rays warmed her through the living room window. Abby turned to go out the back door and caught a glimpse of the wicker picnic basket in the hall closet. She slammed the closet door shut. “Why doesn’t Mike want us to do anything together?” Abby muttered to herself as she went outside. Continue reading Tangled Lines

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