Best Stories to Read

This is purely my opinion. Everyone has their own “best” of anything. There have been lots of stories in my life that were pure fun to read. I enjoyed every word, every thought, and every feeling the story conjured up in my mind while reading.

The following is my list of stories that brought magic to my life and opened my eyes to a world of reading, adventures, and imagination. In return these stories gave me inspiration to write my own stories.

Chicken Little

My first recollection is Chicken Little. I had the story in a little book. I can remember the full colored pages of each character. I wish I still had my copy. I’m sure it was tattered and torn from reading it so much, but it would be a treasure.


Another story has stayed with me, The Little Engine that Could. I didn’t get the significance of this story till way later in life. I just liked how the little blue engine could out do the bigger and seemingly more sophisticated engines. They thought they were too good and couldn’t or wouldn’t take on the job of pulling the broken down train over the hill. But the Little Engine didn’t even think about it. It just did the right thing. I always liked it when the underdog made a situation right and happy for others.

Horse Stories

When I read Black Beauty, I cried. The book actually belonged to my brother, but I read it because it was about a horse, and horse lover that I am, I had to read it. It opened my eyes to cruelty horses have endured I didn’t know anything about. Being written from Beauty’s point of view made the story more personable. Showing the horse in his environment and couldn’t do anything about it, they were at the mercy of their owner. Black Beauty went beyond what his owner wanted out of loyalty and good treatment. Even when he was treated badly, his good nature got him through rough times.

Other horse books on my list are The Black Stallion. Fun books to read. Big adventures of boy and horse. I saw myself galloping along the beach on the Big Black. No worries, pure pleasure. My Friend Flicka, and Fury were part of the readings I did too.

Dr. Seuss

When I read the 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins I laughed. I read the story over and over. To me this is a Dr. Seuss classic, one of his best. I walked along with Bartholomew up those stone steps in scared anticipation for what was to come next.

My other favorite of Dr. Seuss is Green Eggs and Ham.

Mark Twain

I can’t leave out Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Mark Twain had me laughing every time I read those stories. And yes I’ve read them more then once. More then twice. My mom even made the comment she loved hearing me laugh when I was reading. I do still have my copy of these stories. They are in one volume. I’ve put the book in a gallon plastic freezer bag because it is getting pretty battered.

Nancy Drew

I’ve done the same with my mom’s Nancy Drew books. I have several books in the series and I put them in a freezer bags as well, to preserve them, keep them safe. I’m in hopes my grandchildren will want to read and enjoy them as much as I have.

Old Favorites

I loved the more familiar stories too, The Three Bears, Cinderella, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, and I really liked the Princess and the Pea.

When I was small and heard the story for the first time, I wondered if I was a princess and thought about putting a pea under my mattress to find out, but I never did. I remember the thought flitting through my mind. In reality I was a only a princess in my daddy’s eyes.

These are only some of the stories I loved reading over and over as I grew up. What stories did you like as a child? Please leave a comment and tell me. Thank you for stopping by.

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