About Me

Hi, there.  You have found my writing site, welcome.  My name is Judy.  Come on in.  Kick off your shoes and get comfortable.

Don’t you just love to curl up in the corner of a couch or propped up in bed with a good book?  I sure do.  I get lost in those words on the page that soon turn into pictures in my mind and I’m off on the adventure.  I’m either the protagonist or the silent bystander watching all the scenes as they are lived out in the lines of words and paragraphs that make up a story.

The stars in my eyes have told me I’m a writer.  Know what?  I found that to be true.  I write so I’m a writer.  I’m an author too.

“I believe that a writer is a person who writes.  An author is a person who has written.” – Dean Wesley Smith

I’m not a professional writer so to speak, but I write what is in my heart and mind.  What I’m here to say is if you’d like to write and you are writing then you are a writer.  If I can do it, so can you.  I’m here to encourage.  I’ll share my story here in the posts of this website as well as short stories.

Writing to me is mostly sitting down with pen and paper or if you prefer, keyboard and computer screen, and letting your mind wander.  Write the words of the journey where it wants to take you.

I’ve been writing since grade school days.  One of my teachers invited me to read my Halloween story in front of the class.  Wish I still had that story.

My grandpa wrote out stories of his growing up years.  After he passed away family decided to have those stories printed and bound.  Several copies were made and I’m glad I received one.  It’s a treasure of his life and adventures he experienced or that of a close family member.

My mom wrote too.  I have her writings I saved from the trash barrel when I found my dad cleaning out her papers after she died.  He had no idea what he was throwing away.  I’m so glad I was there at the right time to rescue her precious words.

At one point in my life, I quit writing except in my journal.  I wasn’t getting anywhere with it, no encouragement, and life took over.  I wasn’t making any money at it and thought I wasn’t good enough to be a writer.  Who would want to read my dribble?

My husband passed away suddenly and when I got myself back together after that episode, my writing called out to me.  It wouldn’t go away.  I dug out old journals and stories I’d written.  I found the correspondence course I’d taken a few years earlier.  I was soon writing again and I mean to not give up this time.

I’m not making a living at it, but it’s not always about the money.  I’ve completed a novel and am currently searching for a home for it. I  have written several short stories as well as a few articles.  I wrote for my small town newspaper for a short time.  All good experience.

I would like to thank everyone who stops by and takes a moment to read my scribbles. Please feel free to ask questions and leave comments. I’ll respond back.  🙂



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