Welcome to My Writing Site


This is a place to share my writing with you and encourage you to write as well if that’s what you want to do.

Is writing a short story, poem, novel something you’d like to do, but didn’t think you could pull it off?

I’m here to say yes you can. I’m not a professional writer as yet, but it’s my goal, my dream.

Sharing the Magic

I’m sharing the magic as I see it. I’m fascinated with the magic of words, the turn of a phrase, an inspiring quote that gets my brain working.

One of my favorite Bewitched episodes is when Samantha had to write a play about the Civil War. She writes it, but husband Darrin is not impressed, saying her characters are one dimensional. Sam’s mother, Endora gives her witch’s advice, “Write mortal, but think witch.”

Sam follows mom’s advice and conjures up a Confederate officer and his horse, an Indian, and a northern belle. Of course, they pop up at the most inconvenience of times to Darrin’s embarrassment and Mrs. Kravit’s nerves but makes for fun and laughter as Sam tries her best to write her play and get rid of the characters.

Fiction Writing

As fiction writers, we need to listen to our characters, find out who they are, what their hopes and dreams are, help them find their place.

As Sam listened to her characters they were able to tell her how the story should end and then they were gone, they had found their home.

This is how I’d like to get to know my characters- listen to them, find a home for them. Wish I could make them appear like Samantha did, but since I can’t, I discovered I can sit and interview my characters. I made this process work with Effie, my homesteading lady in my novel Methow Valley Skies (unpublished). We sat out in my yard. I had my notebook and pen and wrote down her answers to my questions. I have to say it was such a fun afternoon, a magical moment where I felt I got into my character’s heart and mind and made her whole, someone to know and care about.

I will continue to listen to the characters who visit me in my imagination and help them become who they need to be so I can be who I want to be; a published author.

Thank you for your visit. Enjoy the readings here. I will add to this site as time goes on. Read more about me on my About Page.